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Coming to San Marino it is impossible not to come across Caffè Titano, in the very heart of the old town, overlooking a splendid mediaeval square, in one of the most remote corners of the old town.

Seated at the tables outside, you will witness the spectacle of the obligatory passage for visitors to the city. Inside, on the other hand, you will find yourself in a contemporary ambience, with colourful, modern and minimalist décor but in full respect of the architecture of the old town.

The pastry shop is homemade and has WiFi and an Internet Point available for customers.

Taste and quality ingredients

Coffee, Cappuccino, Monte Bianco, Decaffeinated, Macchiato, Soya, flavoured with Cocoa or Cinnamon, Speciality Coffees, are all proposed by our cafeteria to accompany the choice of a selection of fresh Brioches of our own production with Jam, Chocolate, Cream and even Wholewheat, Puffs and Muffins, Biscuits. 

The fast continental breakfast without compromising on taste and quality of ingredients.

A break

Every day we offer a different Lunch Break Menu: a hot First Course or a Soup, a Second Course or a tasty Salad, or choose between Piadinas and Stuffed Sandwiches, Focacce and Pizzettas.   Our dishes are accompanied by a selection of local or more refined wines, cold beers and a selection of desserts, fruit salads, crêpes, pastries and in summer ice creams and slushies.   

It is possible to order lunch and have it delivered to your office or home:

The number is 0549.992473 and the e-mail is

Afternoon tea
A meeting in the heart of the centre

A selection of over 30 flavours of chocolate and 40 different teas for an afternoon break that refreshes body and soul. 

Gratifying yourself with the delicacies prepared by our pastry chef for you with cakes, artisan pastries, biscuits, crêpes and hot doughnuts is all the more reason to sit down at one of the indoor or outdoor tables.

A toast in history

Nothing like the ritual of the Aperitif to mark the end of the day and the beginning of relaxation and social time. 

Before dinner or just before leaving at the end of an excursion, the Happy Hour at Caffè Titano represents the moment and the place where you can first of all reunite with yourself and then with the world.

Menu of the day at home

Choose from our menu of the day. If you do not have the time or inclination to visit us for a break, and you are in the neighbourhood, we will bring you what you want.   

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