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San Marino,
The oldest Republic

San Marino

The landscape of the tiny republic features gently sloping hills dominated by the limestone mass of Monte Titano (738 m), where the capital San Marino rises, a picturesque town surrounded by great walls and castles that look out over the region from above. 

Tradition dates the origins of San Marino to a Christian settlement in the IV century. This community was sent to live on Mt Titano by the Rimini bishop Gaudenzio to be guided by Marino, a stonecutter from the island of Rab who retired there to live a hermit’s life. It was fortified in the High Middle Ages to defend itself from invasion, especially from Saracen pirates, Normans and Hungarians. In the XI century it declared itself a republic and the XIII statutes still exist. 

Executive power of the republic is in the hands of the State Congress, while legislative power is with the Grand and General Council (with 60 members). The people elect the Parliament (Grand and General Council), which in turn elects Captains Regent for a 6 month term to preside over the meetings of the Grand and General Council, the State Congress, the Council of Twelve and officially represent the republic as its Heads of State.

How to reach the Republic of San Marino: 

BY CAR: exit the A14 motorway at Rimini Sud, follow the directions for Repubblica di San Marino, San Marino Centro Storico 

BY TRAIN: From the Rimini train station you can take the Autolinee Benedettini, or a Autolinee Bonelli taxi to reach the Republic of San Marino. 

BY AIR: The airports nearby are:

Rimini, Federico Fellini Airport, 27 Km; 

Forlì, R. Ridolfi Airport, 72 Km; 

Bologna, G. Marconi Airport, 132 Km. 

Rimini Sud A14 Motorway exit, follow the signs for San Marino, then for Centro Città