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Thanks to its high specialisation, the Medical Weight-Loss Clinic Mességué has achieved remarkable results in the field of weight loss, which can be accomplished with a one-week stay of specific slimming treatments and scientifically proven physical activity programmes based on scientific evidence. The goals of weight loss are assessed by our medical staff and the characteristics of the treatment, the programmes and the use of slimming therapy machines to remove localized fat are established accordingly.

Our professionals are able to evaluate overweight conditions and ascertain the causes through blood tests and medical checkups, therefore they can advise examinations to further inquire specific physical conditions. Furthermore, the Mességué Centre can rely on health specialists from the National Institute for Health and Welfare of the Republic of San Marino. In order to obtain a perfect weight loss plan the best solution is to book a Mességué hotel stay which includes specific treatments such as slimming programs, velasmooth treatment, Anti-cellulite bandages and wave treatments.

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