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Nutrition is an essential component of the treatment. Our diet program is supported by scientific evidence and constantly updated. It is a normoproteic diet, with no animal fats, rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes and fibres which increase the intake of vitamins and minerals. Our dishes do not contain any added salt and are all seasonal, with fruits and vegetables growing in a nearby organic farm located in Monte Colombo.

The success of the treatment depends also on the diet compliance, therefore it is highly advisable to follow it scrupulously, without any addition or change, unless you have a diagnosed intolerance. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diet plans are also available on request.

Our chefs will prepare delicious and tasty - but rigorously low-calorie - dishes for you, according to the directives of the medical staff. In addition during your stay you will have the chance to attend a lesson of Low-Calorie Cooking.

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