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The body is the temple of the soul and it has to be maintained in a state of harmony and balance. The motto of the Mességué Method is “C’est la nature qui a Raison” - “Nature is always right”, meaning that only listening to Nature’s rhythms and principles we will be able to achieve our balance.

The Mességué Method is based on a balanced diet and a regulated physical activity, according to the parameters and the biological values assessed by our medical team. The diet plan prescribed by our medical staff will be integrated with infusions, decoctions and personalised Acti-fluids.

In order to solve weight problems our staff of Doctors and Nutritionists together with the Herbal consulting service is available to advise you on the best approach, including tailored physical activity, personalised treatments and programmes supported by scientific evidence, all this according to Mességué weight-loss method.

Phytotherapy Treatments

Our Herbalist will assist you daily during your stay. You will receive a personalised programme of natural herbal treatments consisting of infusions, decoctions, Acti-fluids, cataplasms, foot and hand baths in order to improve liver and neuroendocrine function and diuresis.

All these natural remedies emphasize the importance of phytotherapy to achieve the process of  weight loss by using herbal remedies and natural treatments

Garden of Silence

The Garden of Silence is a place of relaxation, where the eye can wander in search of a distant horizon beyond the valley of Montefeltro

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