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The Messegue Centre in San Marino, which is always very attentive to discovering innovations that can best solve problems related to wellbeing and health while respecting natural methods and the naturalistic philosophy of Maurice MESSEGUE, has reached an agreement with LIPINUTRAGEN, a company set up as a spin-off of the National Research Council in Bologna, which deals with analysing the molecular state of a person through the study of the composition of the red blood cell membrane (cell membrane lipidomic analysis).

>Lipidomic analysis studies lipids, molecules better known as 'fats', bringing a strong innovation in the field of molecular medicine to determine the metabolic-nutritional status of the subject, and to give added value to the strategy for maintaining wellness obtained with our treatments

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Through a simple blood sample from the finger, important information can be obtained on the quantity and quality of fats that form the cell membrane.

Lipidomic analysis examines the composition of fatty acids (lipids) in the body, targeting the cell membrane to assess metabolic and nutritional changes in a personalised manner. With a view to prevention and towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle, especially when 'body fat' status is crucial in the quest for and attainment of an ideal weight. Thanks to molecular science, each individual can know the health status of his or her own cells and treat the quality and quantity of fats introduced daily through the diet, in order to determine an efficient metabolism and allow the formation of the best possible cell membrane, to ensure the functionality of the body's cells and tissues.

Prevention is better than cure, and in modern wellbeing, science provides us with the means and analyses necessary to determine the molecular aspect and lipidomic profile of each person; the result of the FAT PROFILE analysis allows us to formulate a personalised strategy based on the identification of the following indicators:

- Indicators of metabolic fat blockage and tendency to adipose accumulation
- Indicators of immune status and tendency to develop allergies
- Indicators of silent inflammatory states
- Lipid indicators of cardiovascular risk
- Lipid indicators of neurological prevention
- Indicators of cellular stress

The regulation of nutrition, which is enabled by cell membrane lipidomic analysis, is an important tool for physical and mental health, thus preventing it from having a detrimental effect and becoming the cause of numerous diseases.

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